So if you've emailed us recently you'll have received an OOO notification. Basically we're taking some time off over the holidays to go on a real life quest and we will be off the Internet for at least two weeks. Literally off line accessible only by something called a radio telephone.

Don't worry though we've preshipped all our subscription items for the next month and we will be shipping any new orders upon our return on Jan 15th. Hopefully by that time Canada Post will have resolved their labor issues and shipping times will have returned to normal. 

If you have any questions or concerns about orders while we are away please rest assured that we will address them when we return. I know it is horrifically unprofessional to shut the store for three weeks over the holidays but we are a small operation and it seemed like the least damaging time to do so given we've already shipped the Christmas orders. 

In terms of our Kickstarter we've already placed the order and manufacturing has started. We expect to receive the completed order well in advance of our target ship dates. There is nothing we need to do in that regard at this time so you can be assured that all your awesome dice will arrive as promised. 

If you're curious we're actually headed to Africa to climb Kilimanjaro and do a Safari. This is a major trip that has been in the informal planning phase for years with a lot of physical training for the last twelve months. We will be back in Canada mid Jan and running at full speed again by the 15th. So this year when you are sitting down to a feast with family please share a thought for the LibrisArcana team who will be 20,000 feet up a mountain trying not to freeze to death (below -25 degrees C at the summit) and wondering why the hell they signed up for this. If all goes according to plan we will summit the mountain on Dec 27th and spend New Years in the Serengeti testing the interaction between Malaria medication and Gin.




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