Update Dec 3rd

So this has been a huge month for the company but the update will be pretty short. We survived our first black Friday event and we are well on our way to funding our second kickstarter.

Kickstarter - It took way longer then we expected and we had to launch in a rush which cost us dearly in our first few days but we are well on our way to successfully completing our second kickstarter a 'Year of Dice'. This kickstarter feature two sets of custom dice that will go out in the dice subscription next year. Each set will come with a certificate of authenticity and be available only once. We will not be making a second production run. Check out the kickstarter and updates for more photos.

The real bonus is we have collected a number of followers on kickstarter in this process and collected a number of partners who can help us with things like social media marketing and product photography. We intend to run one more dice kickstarter in mid 2019 to launch the custom sets for the tail end of 2019 and beyond that kickstarter will serve as a method of rolling out new products on an ongoing basis. 

We are double shipping - A few people will have already noticed that we are shipping late Dec early Jan subscriptions early. Essentially we will be taking some time off over the holidays and we don't want people's subscriptions to be needlessly delayed so we are shipping early. We will be back to our regular shipping schedule in mid January.

That's about it. We won't be communicating a ton due to the upcoming kickstarter completion and the time off so have a great holiday and we will catch up again in the new year.



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