Welcome to the site

So it seems that a combination of factors has led to a sudden spike in traffic to the site. If this is your first time here welcome. 

We're a small online only gaming store based in Vancouver Canada. We started selling RPG books and collectibles but have moved more toward dice and accessories in recent months. Our flagship product is our dice subscriptions which we offer in a monthly and quarterly format. We sell a number of products that are made by other companies as well as some exclusive products such as various dice sets and our leather gaming book covers. Essentially all our products have free or very inexpensive shipping worldwide.

We also operate LibrisArcana.ca which is our Canadian based site which charges in Canadian dollars.

If you have a large collection of gaming books or collectibles that you'd like to sell or if you have a question don't hesitate to reach out to us at GM@LibrisArcana.ca



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