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Support for School Groups

If you've followed us for a while you'll know we are big supporters of D&D school groups through the Forging Heroes Society and our Dice for Kids subscription. We're a small business and can't contribute as much as more established businesses but we are very happy to help as much as we can. As we grow we're interested in expanding our support to additional groups to bring the joy of gaming to youth around the world. Our preferred method to accomplish this is via a dice drive. Full disclosure we blatantly stole this idea from Tabletop Loot who also support a number of school groups.

Essentially if you have a school group that needs dice let us know  at and we'll set you up for a week or two dice drive depending on your needs. During that time we will donate a set of dice to you for every new subscriber we sign up. 

If you want to support school groups the Dice for Kids subscription is a great choice.



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