Ok it's a total click bait headline there is no dice shortage. We just want to talk a little bit about our dice subscription and how we intend to deal with our limited edition exclusive dice as the subscription grows.

Those who have been following our growth will know that it has been our goal to start producing our own line of exclusive limited edition RPG dice. We've worked hard and gotten a ton of support and managed to launch our first exclusive set 'Hawaiian Sunset' earlier this month. Our next set 'Snowblind' goes next month.

We've over produced for both initial sets and expect to have enough to meet the demand but we can foresee a time when due to growth in our subscriber base and the fact that we need to get dice made months in advance that we won't have enough exclusive dice sets to meet the demand.

The first time this will happen is with our upcoming Pride set in June which due to manufacturing challenges was limited to only 350 sets. Pride is a simple misfit rainbow set but getting the packing right proved very difficult and we had to cut the run short at 350. Since we already have more then 350 subscribers we need to come up with a fair way to allocate the exclusive dice. Note for people who don't get an exclusive set in a given month we will always have a backup standard set that will still be pretty awesome (but not limited edition exclusive awesome). Also we will always try to create enough of the exclusive sets so every subscriber gets one but not having a plan for when that inevitably doesn't work would be irresponsible.

What we've come up with is this - In the event that an exclusive dice set isn't available in sufficient quantity to give a set to every subscriber:

- Monthly dice subscribers will receive preference over quarterly dice subscribers. We did this for two reasons first a simple logistical reason that the quarterly subscriptions go out only every three months and reserving dice to go out in a subscription up to two months later is way too difficult. And second the quarterly subscription is the budget option and it only seems fair that those that are paying more should get more. We already do this in that we limit the amount of swag we include in the quarterly subscription so we aren't really changing much.

- If there are still not enough exclusive dice for everyone to get a set subscribers who have had more orders filled will get preference. Basically if we have one set of dice left the subscriber who has had the most orders filled will receive the exclusive set. This might not sit well with everyone but we have a number of customers who have been with us a long time and we need to make sure they know we love and appreciate them. We are also doing this to combat 'Dice Sniping' which is something we've started to see where people are waiting on us to announce a new set and unpausing their subscriptions all at once. As fun as it is to wake up to dozens of new orders we need to make sure that long term supporters get the first dibs.

We hope you understand why we are doing this and appreciate we are just trying to be transparent with how we intend to deal with issues before they arise. Thanks a bunch for your support. It has been amazing to see this business grow from a small hobby into a legitimate business that is actually paying people a wage. We are committed to continuously improving our offering and hope you'll join us.





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